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Glass Block Vents

Glass Block Vents

Features of our Ventilators

Fully Welded Frame

  • Fusion welded frame corners for added strength & clean looks.
  • Significantly stronger than typical mechanically fastened vents.


  • Manufactured with 1/8 " aluminum bar stock which is the heaviest material used by any vent manufacturer.
  • The Heaviest material used for hinge bar application

Sash Units

  • 8" Sash units open to a full 90 degree angle.
  • Also available in 4" widths
  • Each pane of the double pane sash has 4 seals around the perimeter to make a hermetically sealed unit to ensure that the weather stays outside.
  • Our Exclusive use of the most advanced insulating glass system, Superspacer┬«. Superspacer┬« gives you a superior R value than traditional metal spacers.

Series 2000 Removable Sash Window

  • INDUSTRIAL Glass or Optional Lexan
  • Fully Welded Frame
  • Full Dual Weather Stripping
  • Removable Aluminum Screen
  • Full Water Weep System
  • Stylish Beveled Outer Frame
  • Available in White or Beige

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