About Us

Stark Glass Block was founded in 1983 by Jim and Tom DeGarmo. Two brothers on a mission to find a way to provide excellent services for their community. They taught themselves all the tricks of the trade for fabricating and installing Glass Block Windows. They started out by just the two of them fabricating their customers glass block windows in a garage.

Through the years they tested new ideas, products and strategies until they found the most effective way to produce and provide quality glass block windows to their costumers. They have handed their knowledge down to their eager staff who is always on hand to provide the excellent services that Jim and Tom started this company with.

What was once a dream is now a thriving business providing products and services all around the country. Jim and Tom have designed and produced their own products like: Curbstile, Eazygrout Glass Block Panel System and PowerSeal. We are forever growing and developing new ways to keep EVERY customer a happy customer.