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Vinyl Power Ventilators

    SizesSite PriceQty
    8"w x 8"h x 3"$95.79
    16"w x 8"h x 3"$169.95
    18"w x 8"h x 3"$180.25
    22"w x 8"h x 3"$221.45
    24"w x 8"h x 3"$225.57
    Power Ventilator exhausts 80CFM per fan.

    8x8x3 Fan is Dryer vent style with no door.

    View more pictures above to see different styles

    16x8x3, 18x8x3, 22x8x3 and 24x8x3 has automatic switch that turns fan on while sash door is open. It has excellent thermal properties, same as our air vents. Fan guard is nickel plated. Ball bearing AC fan with 5 year continuous duty rating. Ideal For Exhausting Contaminated Air (Smoke, fumes, odors) Available in white only.