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(New and Improved PowerFlex Glass Block Windows)

There's never been anything like Powerseal before.

  • Stronger, longer lasting joints that any prefab glass block window available.
  • Easier to handle and install. Lighter. Virtually indestructible.
  • Better Installation. No mortar to transfer cold.
  • Gap-free barrier keeps rain outside.

PowerSeal Windows are stronger - virtually indestructible. They also provide better insulation since cold mortar joints are eliminated. All because PowerSeal was designed for use with glass block. You can see it in the superior bond and extra durability enjoyed by PowerSeal window owners.

Why should you use PowerSeal Glass Block Windows? The PowerSeal Glass Blocks are made with PowerSeal High Modulus Adhesive, specially formulated for the assembly of Glass Block Windows. Other sealants and adhesives just don't provide the strength and longevity. PowerSeal Windows have a designed-in "give" that virtually eliminates breakage and provides a bonding to Glass Block.

All panels ordered from Custom Glass Block are custom made. Please be sure you order correct sizes as these are non refundable and non returnable.

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