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Bath-Lite Series

Make a Big Statement for a Fraction of the Price!

Say goodbye to plain frosted glass, rain glass and other drab window options! Introducing the Bath-Lite Series from Hy-Lite, America's Number 1 Bathroom Window.

Fitting perfectly into your 48 inch x 48 inch rough opening and available in four designer frame colors, the Bath-Lite Series Decorative Economy Window will enhance your look without increasing your costs.

Economically priced Bath-Lite Series Windows from Hy-Lite give builders, remodelers and homeowners a cost effective option for a privacy window that is more imaginative than simple frosted glass or rain glass.

Bath-Lite windows provide beauty and style for the home without breaking the budget.

Choose from a variety of styles and frame colors to complement your home decor, then relax in your private bathroom oasis.

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