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Stark's Custom Building System™

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Stark's Custom Building System™ means:

  • Straight masonry joints
  • Reinforced mortar with hot dipped galvanized steel for longer life and more strength. ONLY STARK
  • Mortar keyed between foundation and brick to create watertight, airtight, dust and insect-proof installation. ONLY STARK
  • Only the highest quality glass block: STARK GLASS BLOCK
  • Unique masonry formula makes joints virtually indestructible. ONLY STARK
  • Recessed installation for a more attractive appearance. ONLY STARK
  • We always remove the old wash and install a new waterproof sill. ONLY STARK

You Should Have Freedom of Choice

Stark Glass Block offers more choices.

Glass Block: A huge selection of styles and colors from glass block manufacturers around the world.

Mortar Colors: White, Tan, Brown and Gray with custom colors also available.

Vents: Numerous styles and colors. Egress windows are also available.

You Should Have the Best

The best installation. The best service. The best products. Your best choice is Stark Glass Block, because quality always makes a difference.

You Should Not Have to Worry.

Faulty installation and sub-standard materials will cost you plenty. More than 20,000 happy customers will tell you that your safest choice is Stark Glass Block, because we do glass block the way it should be.

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