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Nubio Powerflex Glass Block Window - 32x16x3

Nubio Powerflex Glass Block Window - 32x16x3
    Air VentsDryer VentSite PriceQty
    Non VentedNone$59.21
    Non VentedTop Right$74.21
    Non VentedTop Left$74.21
    White VentNone$94.21
    White VentTop Right$109.21
    White VentTop Left$109.21
    Tan VentNone$100.21
    Tan VentTop Right$115.21
    Tan VentTop Left$115.21
    Our stock size 32x16x3 is made with Nubio pattern glass block. You may choose between a non vented, dryer vent or air vent that comes in white and tan. Dryer vents only come in white. Actual panel size 31 1/8" x 15 1/2"

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