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Glass Block Spacers

Glass Block Spacers
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    Thinline (25 pcs/bag)$17.75
    Regular ( 25 pcs/bag)$17.75
    Glass Block Spacers Trend Ready Spacers are the key to nearly perfect joints on straight, curved, and even special shaped glass block walls. By simply placing the Ready Spacer between the blocks the joints will be automatically aligned and the blocks supported. Then, before the mortar sets, just pull out the Ready Spacers before tooling. There is nothing left inside to weaken the mortar joint Trend Ready Spacers will keep your panels plumb and level while preventing shifting and mortar build-up. In actual tests, masons using Trend Ready Spacers consistently lay up to twice as many blocks per hour. Trend Ready Spacers are available in thinline, and regular, glass block dimensions.

    Thinline (25 pcs/bag)
    Regular (25 pcs/bag)